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Direct Payments

What are direct payments?

A direct payment is an agreed amount of money given to you to organise the support that you need.  It gives you far more choice, control and flexibility in the way you arrange your own day-to-day support.  For example, you can decide when and how your care provider will do things for you and to cancel, with notice, without being charged.

You can receive direct payments as an alternative to receiving services that are arranged by Adult Services.  For example, when you want to use a particular provider whom Adult Services does not commission from.

How do I get direct payments?

You can contact Adult Services to tell them you would like direct payments.  Direct payments can be made to users of services who are over 16, or their carers.

You will require an assessment from Adult Services to ensure direct payments are a suitable option for you.

What can I spend my direct payments on?

Direct payments can be used to pay for anything that has been identified and agreed in your Support Plan, such as –

  • Support from a care provider of your choice
  • Support with daily living activities, like getting out and about, meeting family or taking up social activities
  • Short-term breaks away from home or respite care


Will I lose my benefits?

Direct payments are not to be treated as income and they do not affect income tax and benefit claims.

How will my direct payments be paid?

Your money will be paid into your bank account by Adult Services every four weeks.  It is important not to mix your personal finances with direct payments because you need to keep separate records of how you spend it.

Will I have to pay towards my support?

You would have already had a financial assessment by Adult Services to determine if you have to contribute towards your support.  Your care provider may charge you more, but this is something they will discuss with you.

What support can I get?

Your Care Manager can provide practical assistance with planning your support.  You can also arrange to get help from someone you know, such as a relative or friend.

What are my responsibilities?

You will have to show that you are using the money to meet your assessed needs and keep simple records such as invoices and bank statements.  Adult Services can ask to see these records on a regular basis.

You have to make sure your home care provider complies with current registration requirements.

Getting in touch with Hampshire County Council about moving to direct payments

If you know who your Care Manager is, contact them direct.  If you currently do not have a Care Manager phone Adult Services on 0300 555 1368, explaining that you currently receive care and would like to speak to someone about direct payments.

More information can be found on Hampshire County Council’s website.

You can download a printable version of this information.

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