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Attendance Allowance

If you’re over 65 and need help looking after yourself because you have a disability or illness, you may be able to get Attendance Allowance (AA). It’s not means-tested and receiving it won’t affect any other benefits you claim. There are two weekly rates for AA, depending on the level of help you need: £79.15 if you need help both in the day and at night £53 if you need help in the day or at night

Making a claim

To make a claim for AA you must be 65 or over and not already claiming Disability Living Allowance. Whether you’re actually getting any outside help doesn’t matter, as your claim will be assessed on your needs. For example, you might require help with washing, or getting dressed, or making yourself a meal, or need someone to be with you to keep you safe. At the assessment, you’ll need to provide identification. You can use a passport; birth certificate; full driving licence; bank statement; or life assurance policy. You can spend the money you get on care or in any other way you choose. You can use our online benefits calculator to find out if you might be eligible for AA.

How to claim

You can download a form or start a claim online on the GOV.UK website, or get a claim form by calling the Attendance Allowance helpline on 0845 712 3456 (textphone: 0845 722 4433). When completing the form, don’t underestimate your needs. Think about all the things you can’t do, or have trouble with, because of your condition and give an honest statement of your needs. If you need help with the form you can ask advisors at the local Citizens Advice Bureau or get help from AgeUK.   Back to Useful Information
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